Fishing at Lake Nacimiento

White Bass – Lake Nacimiento is best known as the only lake in California that is stocked with white bass. The local fisherman will tell you one of the best spots on the lake for white bass is from Bee Rock to Los Tablas.  Our Lakefront at LandsEnd vacation rental property is the actual peninsula that sits directly between Bee Rock and Los Tablas. So staying at our lakefront property puts you directly in the path of the white bass.

 View from Lakefront at LandsEnd Property

Local Lake Nacimiento Fishing Information:

Enjoy White Bass fishing from one of our Lakefront at LandsEnd docks or jump in your boat and motor in front of our property. If you would like to fish from a boat but you don’t have one, you can rent a boat from the marina or you can call Central Coast Bass Fishing for a guided tour. There is no limit on white bass, but DFG regulations state that, “at Lake Nacimiento (San Luis Obispo County) where any white bass taken must immediately be released into the water or killed by removing the head or cutting through the gills.”

Anglers will also find largemouth and smallmouth bass, crappie, carp, bluegill, and channel catfish on Lake Naci. Black bass are known to congregate around brush, rocks, and off the points. Catfish are found most often in shallow areas of the lake, often at the heads of coves. Many fishermen go after them in Los Tablas, just south of the resort. Prolific bluegills are caught nearly everywhere on the lake along the shores, especially in the inlets. Crappie hide where there is cover, often in Dip Creek, Las Tablas, Snake Creek, and Cantinas Creek.

It is not uncommon to see cows and deer drinking at the water’s edge and you may see an occasional Bald Eagle fly by.  Come to Lake Nacimiento for great fishing and enjoy the wildlife on the lake while you fish.

Fishing the Narrows at Lake Naci

Guided Tour and Tackle & Bait Shop:

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