Nestled in the small community of Bee Rock at Lake Nacimiento.  All Lakefront at LandsEnd cabins come with completely equipped kitchens, spacious decks with incredible lake views, BBQs and shared boat docks. Most have flat screen Digital Satellite TV, WiFi, and DVD with movies. Many are equipped with dishwashers, and microwaves. Blankets, bedspreads and pillows are furnished; however, renters need to furnish their own sheets and pillowcases, towels and washcloths, paper products, and personal items. There are kayaks and a stand up paddle board for use by LandsEnd guests. We ask that you take care and caution when you borrow them.

Due to the large fluctuations of the lake water level, the docks are constantly being moved.  There are ropes connecting each dock to stakes on the property so please be sure to walk around the ropes and stakes for your own safety.  The terrain is often hilly and many areas of the property are uneven so be sure to use caution when walking around the property.

We require all children to be supervised closely while at LandsEnd. All 7 cabins are a short walk to the waterfront and can be dangerous for unattended children. The shoreline can be murky so be careful. When the lake levels are low there can be a 20-30 ft embankment in some places down to the water’s edge. Be sure to use the marked pathways to the docks. There are concrete steps down to the west docks on the west side of the property. There is a dirt trail to the dock on the east side. Trails down to the lake can get steep in some places. This is the country so it can get dusty.

At the rear of the LandsEnd property are some stables. These belong to our neighbor and the gates leading into the stable area must remain shut at all times. There are cattle, horses and a donkey that occasionally come up to our property to drink from the troughs in the stable area. They do not belong to us so please respect them and do not enter the stables.

All cabins are privately owned, therefore, the decor reflects the taste of the owner.

Q   How many people, vehicles and watercrafts can we bring when we rent a unit? 

Each unit is allowed up to 2 vehicles and 1 watercraft (trailers are not allowed on the property).  Units with a maximum occupancy listed on the website of 8 or greater are allowed an additional vehicle. There will be a $100 per day per additional vehicle or trailer fee charged to the credit card on file over the unit’s allotment. There is no exceeding the maximum occupancy of the unit identified on the website or change to the occupancy stated in your contract. Non-compliance may result in the immediate removal from the property with no reimbursement to Guest. If it is found that the maximum occupancy for a Unit has been exceeded, an additional fee of $75 per additional person per day or night (including any day guests) will be due and payable immediately by Guest as a condition of Guest’s continued use of the Unit. As an example, if the maximum occupancy for a unit is 6 guests and you have 6 guests staying in the unit and you have two additional guests join you for day and/or night use, this is not allowed and the credit card on file will be billed for these two additional guests.

Q   If we clean up after ourselves really well, do we have to pay the cleaning fee?

A   All guests must pay the applicable cleaning fee for that cabin with no exceptions. This fee goes toward subsidizing what is paid for, grounds keeping, garbage removal, and housekeepers (who are required to follow our cleaning guidelines and checklist). Cleaning fees are standard with most vacation rentals.

Q   What is provided?

A   All our cabins are fully furnished with a full kitchen, complete with a basic set of dishes, cookware, glassware and silverware, coffee maker, toaster, and blender. A starter supply of hand soap, dish soap, dish washing detergent (if dishwasher), toilet paper (4 rolls per bathroom), trash bags, paper towels (2 rolls) and a kitchen sponge is provided. If this does not seem sufficient for your reservation, you may want to bring more. Many cabins provide a DVD library and/or wi-fi connected Blu Ray players that will allow you to access your Hulu Plus, Netflix, Amazon and Pandora accounts. We recommend bringing anything additional you think you will need. Please check the website listing and amenity chart to see what specific features your cabin has.

Q   What do I need to bring?

A   Bring your own toiletries, sheets, pillowcases, bath towels and/or beach towels to use outside, hand towels for bath room, food, water, games, movies and boat fenders for docking your boat. Also be sure to bring your confirmation email, as it contains the directions, key box code, and emergency contact numbers for your reservation.

Q   Who do I call if I need something?

  We will supply you with the on-site Caretaker’s number, as well as the phone number directly to a manager at (510) 999-NACI (6224) .

Q   Can we drink the water?

A   The water at Lakefront at LandsEnd comes from our well. We recently upgraded our water filtration system so it is safe to drink, however, well water often has a smell and taste that most people are not used to. We recommend bringing your own water to drink. Don’t forget to pick up a bag of ice too.

Q   How far is it to our boat dock?

A   Depending on the level of the lake, the shoreline could be within 15 feet from the front units’ decks or it could be hundreds of feet away. This is a rural area so you may encounter steep terrain and dirt trails to the water. We do have concrete steps on the West side of the property that lead down to the docks in the West cove.

Q   What is the Lake Nacimiento Mussel Inspection Program and Why it is so Important?

Please practice responsible boating by ensuring that your watercraft is CLEAN, DRAINED, DRY, and MUSSEL-FREE before launching. If there is a drop of water they will not permit you to launch.

Per the Quagga and Zebra Mussel Prevention Program Standards, all vessels that have been on an infested waterbody in the last 30 days will not be permitted to launch at Lake Nacimiento. All vessels who pass inspection must carry a Vessel Screening Permit while boating. Permits are valid for a maximum of 21 days after Level I screening/inspection. Be sure permit is valid and current before boating.

IMPORTANT – if you are pulled over on the water and you do not have your vessel screening permit it is a HUGE fine so be sure to always carry it on your watercraft.

Infected water bodies include all of the Colorado River and adjoining lakes, Lake Castaic, Lake Pyramid, Lake Piru, and many of the lakes in San Diego County.  You can also check the link for a current list of infested waterbodies at California Department of Fish and Wildlife website.

What can you do to prepare your vessel and save time prior to inspection?

• Inspect all exposed surfaces – small mussels feel like sandpaper to the touch
• Wash the hull of each watercraft thoroughly
• Remove all plant and animal material
• Drain all water and dry all areas, including ballast tanks
• Drain and dry the lower outboard unit
• Clean and dry all live-wells
• Empty and dry any buckets, toys, skis, boating equipment in contact with the water
• Dispose of all bait in the trash
• If you’ve been on mussel-infested waterbodies within the last 30 days you will not be permitted to launch.

Q   Where do we launch our boat? And where do we keep our trailer?

A   We recommend you launch your boat at the Lake Nacimiento Resort and Marina. There you can get a mandatory Quagga Mussel Inspection and easily launch at their ramps. You can leave your trailer at the Lake Nacimiento Resort and Marina – a trailer storage fee will apply http://nacimientoresort.com/camping/.

Q  How many cars can we bring?

A   We ask that you bring no more than 2 cars per unit to the property. Units with a maximum occupancy listed on the website of 8 or greater are allowed an additional vehicle.

There is no room for trailer parking at LandsEnd so please do not bring your trailer to the property. We recommend keeping your trailer at the Lake Nacimiento Resort and Marina http://nacimientoresort.com/camping/ after launching your boat or watercraft. Please note that LandEnd is in no way responsible for your trailer while at the Marina. See Marina Attendant.

Q  Does the kitchen have plates and stuff?

A   The kitchens are stocked with dishes and basic cookware, but if there is something specific you need (like a potato masher or cupcake pan), please call and ask and we’ll find out if the item is there. While there may be some non-perishable items like coffee filters, salt and pepper left from previous guests, we do not provide any food items unless otherwise specified at that cabin.

Q   I already paid the cleaning fee, why was I charged for additional cleaning?

A   We do ask our guests to leave the cabin in relatively the same condition in which they found it. Our housekeepers come in to vacuum, mop, sanitize and restock supplies. We have provided a basic cleaning checklist to ensure our housekeepers can clean the cabin in the same amount of time. If it takes longer than usual for the housekeepers to clean the cabin, you will be charged additional cleaning fees. This means no dirty dishes in the sink, no garbage about, no broken or moved furniture please.

Q   The power/ cable/ heat/ water went out during our stay, do we get a refund?

A   Part of renting a rural cabin is accepting that there will be the occasional unforeseen circumstances that are entirely beyond our control. If the cabin is uninhabitable due to such circumstances, you can reschedule your stay for dates within a year. We do not offer any refund for unforeseen road closures, power or water outages. We do not offer any sort of compensation for failure of amenities including but not limited to TV, Satellite, air conditioning and internet.

Q   What do I need to reserve a unit?

A  You can reserve by paying 50% of your reservation with your credit card. The remaining balance is due 60 days before your arrival. If your stay is less than 60 days away, the entire amount for the rental is due.

Q   How will we get our keys?

A   Once you reserve, you will be sent an email with directions to the cabin where you will find your keys. You will always be able to arrive late, however it may be tricky to find your cabin at night. Call the caretaker if you have any problems.

Q   What if I need to cancel?

A   There is a 25% cancellation fee (cancellation fee equal to 25% of the total booking including all fees and taxes of booking) for any cancellation notification received more than 60 days prior to occupancy. There are no refunds if the reservation is cancelled less than 60 days prior to the arrival date. When you reserve a home we are pulling it off the market and not renting it to other families. If you are unsure about your vacation plans or do not have full commitment from your family and friends, please wait to make your reservation so you are not charged a cancellation fee.

Q   Can our friends just stop by for the day?

A   You must get prior approval for any and all guests that will be on the property in advance. A LandsEnd caretaker lives onsite, and if there are more people seen at the cabin than what is stated on your reservation, or otherwise arranged with us in advance, it will be assumed they are overnight guests and you will be charged $75 per night, per extra guest. If you are over the stated reservation amount of people we have the right to ask them to leave and/or be charged the $75 per day or night extra guest fee. Please help us make this an enjoyable environment for all guests.

Q   Can I bring my pet?

A    We do not allow guests to bring their pets unfortunately. If your dog or cat needs a vacation, we would recommend Canterbury Tails in Paso Robles 6970 Benton Rd, Paso Robles, CA 93446
(805) 467-0021. They offer five-star pet accommodations.

Q   What are some helpful tips?

A    LandsEnd is on a septic tank system so only Single Ply Toilet Paper is allowed. We supply 4 rolls so you may want to bring additional if you stay more than a few days. Also, please do not leave outside any trash or food wrappers. All trash and food waste must be put in trash cans with bungee ties secured. We don’t want unwanted guests such as raccoons and mice ruining your stay.

Q   Is there a washer and dryer available to use?

A   Unfortunately, we are unable to supply laundry facilities at Lakefront at LandsEnd.

Q   Are there quiet hours at Lakefront at LandsEnd?

A    Yes, to ensure all of our guests enjoy their time on the property we have quiet hours from 10 pm to 8am. Please move your party inside during these hours and be respectful and mindful to your neighbors.

Q   Is there food services at Lakefront at LandsEnd?

  We do not have any food services at this time, but we can refer you to a caterer for hire that can come to your cabin and prepare food for your party. They offer a variety of services, from shopping for, preparing and clean up of meals. We also know a great pig barbecue company for large groups.

Q    How do we use the kayaks and SUP boards?

A    We currently have some kayaks and a paddle board for use by our guests. We generously do not charge for their use but ask that you take good care of them and return them to Dock #3 after using. They are usually unlocked and read for use but if you do find them locked up, you can get the combination lock code from the caretakers. The paddles are located on the rafters of the dock roof (look up). Please return when done using. No reservations, first come, first served. Children must wear life vests on all watercraft. We do not supply so bring your own.

Lakefront at LandsEnd
6545 Nacimiento Shores Road, Bradley, California 93426
Phone (510) 999-6224